Plastic Reduction Awards

In order to recognise the achievements in Bradford-on-Avon, Plastic free Bradford-on-Avon is to give Plastic Reduction Awards.

There are two categories, one for the business community such as the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and cafes and one for organisations such as the council, schools and community and sports groups.

What we are looking for is not just the “greenest” business or organisation, as these may be fairly easy to identify, but those that have made the greatest shift from their baseline, at the start of 2019, to reduce plastic.

If you would like to nominate a business or organisation please fill in our contact form and state who you’d like to nominate and the reason for your nomination. You are welcome to nominate your own business/organisation.

To give you some ideas for your nomination, below is a list of the great things already being done around to town –

Business  Steps being taken to reduce plastic 
Woolley Grange Are giving up plastic straws
The Swan Are giving up plastic straws, stirrers and takeaway cups
Leigh Park Hotel Have switched to paper straws
The Rising Sun Have switched to paper straws
The Boathouse Use paper straws
The Dog & Fox Have phased out plastic straws
Dog House Use compostable bags
Thai Barn Switching to paper straws, and use bio-degradable packaging for their takeaways
Three Horseshoes Use biodegradable straws
Station Place Fish and Chips Do not use plastic straws, are replacing plastic bottles of water with glass
Gilou’s Already uses Vegware for takeaways, loose leaf tea, no straws.
Stumble Inn Have switched to paper straws
Cheese Shop Has stopped using plastic butcher wrap for cold meats and using instead a grease proof paper. Using cardboard sandwich wedges instead of plastic, buying wooden forks instead of plastic; olive pots can be refilled.
Bunch of Grapes Have almost no single use plastic, all soft drinks in glass, straws are paper.
The George Have switched to paper straws
Coffee etc Have switched to paper straws
Secret Garden Cafe Their next order for straws will be for compostable ones. They already use compostable takeaway boxes and cups, support fair trade products, local produce and homemade cakes
Granny Mo’s, Silver street No takeaway cups for hot drinks, cardboard takeaway boxes.
Christines Offer a large range of refills and loose products to avoid plastic packaging. Working hard to replace or greatly reduce all plastic in the shop.
Boundless Blooms They have paper bags and some degradable plastic bags. They use minimal cellophane to wrap bouquets.
Silver Street barber lounge Do not have single-use plastic.
Melanie Giles have paper bags for products and only serve drinks in cups/glasses
Hair @ 28 No plastic bags and serve drinks in cups / glasses
Strawberry Blue Paper bags only.
Leaf & Bean No plastic bags.
Heathers Have small plastic bags, but will replace with paper once current stock runs out.
Dorothy House They use degradable plastic bags.
Mercy in Action The plastic bags they have are donated and they also have paper bags.
Browns Hardware Sells metal straws and phasing out plastic ones. Switching from bio plastic to paper bags. Looking into replacing plastic cutlery with wooden.
Cloud & Cove Only uses paper bags.
Made in BoA Use paper bags
Carina Baverstock Do not have single-use plastic
No.10 at Avoncliff Do not use plastic straws
All things nice have switched to paper straws
Stumble Inn have switched to paper straws
Iford Manor Have a higher level stewardship scheme and use biodegradable straws.
Hartley Farm Have wax free paper to wrap their cheese and deli meat, compostable boxes for deli nibbles (olives, nuts, pretzels etc) and recyclable bags at the butcher counter, discounts if you take your own cup for takeaway drinks.
Dream Doors Do not have single-use plastic at the point of sale.
Instant Vintage Do not have single-use plastic at the point of sale.
Bay Tree Interiors Do not have single-use plastic at the point of sale.
Nixon & Shaw Do not have single-use plastic
Carter & Harding Do not have single-use plastic, and have paper bags
The Courtyard hairdressers Do not have single-use plastic
Matthew Oliver Do not have single-use plastic
Electric bike shop Replacing plastic bags with degradable ones