There are many ways in which everyone can contribute to Bradford being a Plastic Free Community and the general reduction of single-use plastics.

Here are a just a few ideas to get you started:

RefillClimate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon has been working hard to get the Refill scheme up and running in the town – remember to carry a reusable water bottle with you and make use of it – look out for stickers in refill stations’ windows!

There are now three water fountains in town where you can also refill. They’re located at Culver Close, Sladesbrook playground and St Margaret’s car park.

Reduce – Support local businesses in their efforts to reduce single-use plastics. Discuss the use of single-use plastic in your favourite cafe and challenge them to reduce their use of it. Wooden stirrers and reusable coffee cups make immediate positive impact.

Reuse – Remember to take your reusable bag each time you go shopping. Save yourself money and the environment in one action – win-win!

Recycle – Make sure you recycle any single-use plastic bottles and containers you come into contact with. These can become new products!

There are also lots of Terracycle points popping up, which will take items not currently collection in kerbside recycling. See our Terracycle & Recycling page for more details.

Refuse – Share the impact straws can have on local wildlife with friends and family and tell them to refuse a straw when ordering a drink. If it is a must, there are plenty of reusable versions available to take with them. The Final Straw campaign in Bradford has already seen huge support from local businesses and a massive reduction in plastic straws in the town.

Plastic Free Kit – such as bamboo toothbrushes, or reusable travel cutlery – gift these to friends and family to inspire them to tackle their plastic footprint.

Shop local – make use of the businesses in town already offering plastic-free alternatives.

  • Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket offers a range of packaging free goods and refills, milk in glass bottles, shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes;
  • Bloomfields for unwrapped fruit and veg;
  • Hartley Farm for unwrapped fruit and veg and loose frozen products;

Print out our handy guide to shopping plastic free locally and online!

Milk – get your milk delivered in glass bottles; many companies also offer juice in glass bottles too.

For more ideas here is the Surfers-Against-Sewage-Plastic-Individual-Action Plan.

And here are our own 10 top tips to reduce your plastic habit.

You can show your support by displaying one of our posters: A4 / A5 or printer friendly version A4 /A5.

Here is a great guide on Plastic-Free-Christmas-Hack-1

For more ideas of how to reduce your waste in general (not just plastic), visit Climate Friendly Bradford-on-Avon’s Zero Waste page.